2017 IABC Fellows Nomination Form
The Fellows designation is the highest honor IABC confers upon members. It denotes a body of achievement as a communication professional or communication educator who has had a significant impact not only on the communication professional’s organization and IABC, but on the communication profession. This impact can be universal in nature or specific to a country or region. One way to think about the Fellows designation is as the “professional lifetime achievement award,” although the designation is by no means limited to communication professionals nearing the end of their careers.  

Nomination of an IABC member for consideration by the Fellows Committee must be accompanied by: 
- your personal letter of recommendation
- nominee’s current resume or curriculum vitae
- nominee's personal statement (1000 word limit) 
- additional documentation to support nomination - Max 25 pages (optional)
***You will be asked to upload these items within this online form. 
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Every IABC member signs the Code of Ethics at the time of joining IABC and at each renewal.
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Contribution to the organizational communication field and profession. (450 word limit) *

Indicate the impact the nominee has had on the practice of communication and on the communication profession.
Leadership in the organizational communication field and profession (450 word limit) *

Indicate the impact the nominee has had on the practice of communication and on the communication profession.
Career achievement (450 word limit) *

List the nominee’s communication-related career achievements. Emphasize demonstrable results of the nominee’s communication efforts, scope of responsibilities, advancements, accreditation, recognition (e.g., awards), education and length of time in the profession.
Authorship, speaking, and lecturing. (450 word limit) *

Using a list format, list any books, articles, columns, research papers, seminars, workshops, keynotes, courses (traditional or online), blogs and podcasts (for non-IABC outlets). For academic nominees, please also include any professorships and other academic distinctions.
Contributions to IABC (450 word limit) *

Leadership at the chapter, region and international board levels, committee activity, other volunteer efforts, presentations to chapters and regions, articles written for IABC publications and other IABC-related activities. (requirement for recent service includes substantial contribution to IABC during the last five years)
Additional information (450 word limit) *

Please use this section to let the selection committee know anything about the nominee that will aid in their decision-making process that does not fit in one of the previous four categories.
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Please provide {{answer_29580498}}'s personal statement (1000 words maximum). *

In order to include input from the nominee, we require a personal statement written by them. This will help the Fellows Committee members get a sense of the individual 'in their own words'. The statement should reflect the areas covered in the nomination form (career, IABC roles, etc.) and other information considered relevant by the nominee. We strongly recommend the nominee consult the IABC Shared Values and Brand Personality, as this will be used by the Fellows Committee as a basis for evaluation of the statement.
Please upload any other supporting materials for {{answer_29580498}}.

Please provide any supporting materials you feel will help the Fellows Committee members to evaluate the information you have provided in the sections above. As examples, this may include additional letters of support, samples of work/papers, etc. There is a maximum limit of 25 pages for this section, however, it is not a requirement to submit this number of pages.
To the 2017 IABC Fellows Committee *

Please accept the nomination of {{answer_29580498}} as submitted. I understand that by submitting this form, it does not guarantee my nominee will be selected to recieve the 2017 Fellows Award. All information provide is accurate.
Thank you for your nomination! It was submitted perfectly. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten Peterson, Governance Manager at kpeterson@iabc.com
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